Credit & Risk Scoring

Make better risk decisions by speeding up the process of collecting, verifying and scoring your customers’ financial data.


The Problem

  • Customer risk scores from credit bureaus can be out of date
  • Unreliable data leads to more conservative credit decisions
  • External credit/affordability checks can add costs
  • Manual income verification can lead to slow onboarding, increasing dropouts

The Solution

  • Bank connections provide live balances and transaction history, enabling an up-to-date picture of creditworthiness
  • Accurate risk profiling allows you to extend more credit without adding risk
  • Automated income verification lowers onboarding time, boosts conversions

How do we enable Credit & Risk Scoring

Standardized Data

Financial data can be messy and unstructured. Our Financial Data API cleans and standardizes it for you to use easily.

Categorized Transactions

Our data insights algorithm identifies and assigns each transaction into one of 16 pre-defined categories for you

Insights and Verification

With access to your customer's account and transaction data, you can use Lean to provide additional insights such as IBAN and income verification

What our clients have built

The products you need

Financial Data

Access your customers’ account details, live balances and transaction history in a clean and standardized format.

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Financial Insights

Enrich your financial data with meaningful information such as transaction categorization, income verification and more.

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Identity Verification

Capture relevant data and quickly verify your customers using their bank account details.

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See Lean in action

Explore what it’s like to connect with Lean as an end-customer and see the data you can extract using the LinkSDK and Data APIs.