Why is Lean involved?

Lean connects your
financial applications
with your bank

Lean enables the apps on your phone to create services that can help you budget, get better rates on loans, transfer money to friends and more, without any hassle

How do we connect your bank account with your apps?

Modern financial apps provide powerful experiences when connected with payments and data from your bank account. Lean enables a seamless and secure channel to get the most from your finances.

Protected by design

Your financial apps receive your data using the most secure methods and encryptions available. Your financial details are never seen by humans.

Make transfers with confidence

Sending money with Lean reduces the chances of fraud, and relies on the same methods that banks use to transfer money around the world.

You're always in control

When you authorize an app to receive your data, we only transfer the data you explicitly give permission to share. You can also revoke your permissions at any time.

Trusted by regulators

Lean Technologies is regulated by the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority in the UAE and SAMA in the KSA, and rapidly expanding to other regions in the Middle East.

phone mockup

Enjoy cutting edge financial experiences powered by Lean

Lean is integrated with a variety of advanced financial apps across the MENA region.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lean?
Is connecting my account safe?
Why do I need to enter my bank login?
Can my apps take money out of my account?
Can my apps make changes to my account?
Can I disconnect my bank account from an app?
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