Account Connections

Seamlessly connect to your customer bank accounts

user interface showing reconciliation page

Our Account Connection tools


Our full fledged account connection tool which allows clients to build a fully customizable and native user experience within their platform

a user interface asking user to sign in showing the code elements of linksdk in the background


Our low-code account connection tool optimized for speed and minimal technical investment to integrate Open Banking account connection flows as part of your user journey

user interface displaying account connection tool using hyperlink

The benefits beyond technologies

Link SDK


From brand colors to logos at every touchpoint, customization across the board

Control your journey

Build your ideal Open Banking experience from scratch with the best tech

Native Experience

Everything within your platform, no redirects, no app switching


Build for scale with LinkSDK from pre-seed to IPO, we stick by you.


Time to market

Be a market leader in innovation with HyperLink

Testing the waters

Quickly pilot and validate benefits of Open Banking

Optimal Conversion

Built by industry experts for an ideal user experience


Minimum cost, maximum output with Lean's Hyperlink

How LinkSDK works

  • Click connect bank account
  • Select your bank
  • Agree to permissions
  • Enter your login credentials
  • Enter OTP
  • You’re done

How HyperLink works

a mockup of an iphone on the dark background.
  • Click on the link/scan QR code
  • Agree to permissions
  • Select your bank
  • Verify connection
  • You’re done!
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